Enjoy your flight!

Hand luggage doesn't get any lighter than this: Just wear your mechanical watch on the wrist. And if you’re traveling with Zürich Weltzeit or Tangomat GMT—even if it’s into the back of beyond—they’ll let you know what time it is back home.


Magnetic fields, such as the security gates at airports, could in some cases affect the accuracy of your watch. If you notice that your watch is gaining or losing time after a flight, have it demagnetized by a retailer. This only takes a moment.

Looks good with a wetsuit too: Ahoi, the watch made for water (here in the Atlantic blue neomatik version). (Photo: © uberding.net)

Water resistance

Watches from the Aqua series love water and are water resistant to 20 atm, so 200 meters. NOMOS watches with a water resistance of 10 atm shouldn’t go scuba diving but are always happy to be taken for a swim. 3 atm means: splash-proof. You should take these watches off before jumping into the pool.


Watches from the Aqua series love water and are water resistant to 20 atm, so 200 meters. If “3 atm” is engraved on the back of your NOMOS timepiece, you should take it off before jumping into the pool.

Taking a dip

If your watch is one of those less suited to water, but has nevertheless taken a dip, you should let an expert take a look as soon as you can—simply visit your nearest retailer. There they can make sure that the mechanical movement is dry. If it gets wet, the metal can start to corrode.

First aid

You can find assistance for your NOMOS watch in many places around the world—if you should ever need it. Take a look here: Retailer Locator.

From NOMOS’ design studio in Berlin to flying high above the clouds: project manager Stefanie and Ahoi neomatik signalrot. (Video: © GoJump GmbH)


Your watch would love to go skydiving or hang-gliding with you. That said, it’s best to avoid falls, hard knocks, and sharp objects—this applies to you and your timepiece.


Automatic watches take care of this for you—while you stroll along the beach, jump out of a plane, or read your favorite magazine. Hand-wound watches will need a little more attention; preferably a few turns of the crown once a day, first thing in the morning.


Please don’t leave your watch lying in direct sunlight—as it doesn’t like to get overheated. The rubber sealant that protects the inside of your watch suffers too. Clean your watch occasionally with a soft cloth, and treat it to a small polish to keep it looking its best.

The most important part

Give your watch some time off too, by spending a few days without it on your wrist—or simply stop looking at it. After all, losing track of time can be the best thing about a vacation.

It’s important at the beach, at home, and in the office: Keep hydrated! It lets the good ideas flow. (Photo: © uberding.net)